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Plenty of research on the country you wish to visit is essential to good planning. Once you have selected your chosen destination, you must then decide if you wish to book your flights and hotels independently, or whether you would prefer to engage a travel agent to help you plan your trip.  If using a travel agent always make sure they are registered with ABTA, so that you can travel with confidence.

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It is vital that you take out a holiday insurance policy from the date that you book your holiday.  This will ensure that you are covered in the event that you may need to cancel your holiday due to an unexpected situation, or illness.  Again, research is the key to ensuring that you purchase the correct policy for your requirements.  Annual policies are always a good idea, but please make sure that you choose the right policy.  This is especially the case if you wish to engage in winter sports activities.  There are many insurance companies out there, so remember to shop around for the best deal.  Try checking your credit card & bank account benefits too, because quite often they offer insurance cover as a perk.  Whatever policy you purchase, just ensure you have sufficient cover and always declare any medical conditions or your policy will be declared invalid. Check the terms and conditions thoroughly before you part with any money.

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